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In Other Words (Week of October 22)

Our biweekly policy-related readings from divergent voices across Michigan.

On the Left

From, comes word that progressive Democrats aren’t making the headway they had hoped in Election 2018.

Nearly 20 radio stations have pulled paid advertising by a group opposed to a ballot proposal turning voting district decisions over to a citizen group rather than the Legislature.

On the Right

Republicans are strengthening their chances of holding on to seats that Democrats are fighting to flip in key Midwestern and Southern states, Fox News reports. comments that not all Republicans are what they seem, citing a political action committee called Republican Women for Progress that is promoting Democrats.

Down the Middle

Michigan’s two major party gubernatorial candidates are both promising to repeal the state’s tax on retiree pensions – a significant part of the state budget raising $300 million annually, outlines options beyond the state’s two major parties – third-party and independent candidates – in Election 2018.