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MSU’s Legislative Leadership Program invites new members of Michigan’s House of Representatives and Michigan Senate to engage in interactive small-group sessions with university faculty in the brief time between election and their first legislative sessions.

At its 1994 inception, LLP was designed to create a forum and the resources to help newly elected legislators meet the challenges of serving in a state with term limits. The program was meant to help legislators forge links to university policy resources.

Since that time, LLP has evolved into a broadened opportunity to gain insights into concepts that affect statewide constituencies, into evidence-based information on emerging issues and into the art and science of governing in divided times, such as under state House co-speakerships.

At the same time, IPPSR has evolved as a hub for policy expertise, information and outreach, a center for survey research training and excellence and an opportunity for training for those who seek leadership through elected office or public service.

The program is built upon a series of specially designed events, including presenters, researchers and facilitated discussions.

Sessions are focused on topics of compelling interest, from the state’s revenue stream, to its expenditures, K-12 education, demographics and innovations.

IPPSR is proud that LLP has hosted a majority of newly elected legislators from each party and draws support from the Legislature’s highest officers. The program continues to build on MSU's long-standing tradition of providing leadership training to state and county officials, community leaders, and aspiring public officials.

The LLP is consistent with the policy and research education efforts conducted both on and off campus in of support state legislators, their staffs and their communities. It resides at IPPSR as companion to IPPSR's Public Policy and Education, the Michigan Political Leadership Program, the State of the State Survey and Office for Survey Research. LLP draws on the resources and leadership of each of these outstanding programs.

It is cooperatively produced by IPPSR, MSU Extension and MSU Government Relations.

For more information and LLP and all IPPSR programs, please contact Matt Grossmann, Director, Institute for Public Policy and Social Research, 509 E. Circle Dr., Room 321, East Lansing, MI 48824. He can be reached by phone at (517) 355-6672 or by email at