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Welcome to the State of the State Survey (SOSS) Data. This is a ongoing resource which allows policymakers, MSU faculty, and SOSS sponsors to tap into the perceptions of Michigan adults on a quarterly basis.

The Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University administers SOSS and this archive through its Office for Survey Research. We encourage use of the data for publications and news releases. 

Prevalence and characteristics of childfree adults in Michigan

Jennifer Watling Neal , Zachary P. Neal

June 2021

Racial Disparities in COVID-19 Impacts in Michigan

Anderson-Carpenter, K. D., Neal, Z.

September 2020

Income and Self-Rated Mental Health: Diminished Returns for High Income Black Americans

Shervin Assari, Lisa M. Lapeyrouse , Harold W. Neighbors 4

May 2018

Policy Cues and Ideology in Attitudes toward Charter Schools

Sarah Reckhow, Matt Grossmann, Benjamin C. Evans

December 2014

Assessing Regional Attitudes about Entrepreneurship Act

Scott Loveridge, Steven Miller, Timothy Komarek, Thasanee Satimanon

September 2013