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MSU's Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) accepts research proposals from MSU faculty for up to $30,000 grants on an annual basis. The program typically distributes $150,000 per year. The purpose of the Michigan Applied Public Policy Research (MAPPR) grant program is to link the work of faculty to current policy discussions. The outcome of the grant program creates an information exchange between research and practice.

Faculty apply by submitting a three-page proposal plus budgets following the proposal guidelines. More recently funded projects are here, and a direct link to previous reports are here.

Those awarded have one year to complete the research project and present findings in a report or briefing for a general audience. The focus of the report is on a current policy-relevant issue in Michigan.

Questions regarding the proposal or grant process may be directed to Arnold Weinfeld at

MAPPR Call for Proposal (.pdf)

Suggested MAPPR Briefing Format (.pdf)

Writer's Guidelines for Michigan Policy Wonk Blog