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The Institute for Public Policy and Social Research applies research to pressing public policy issues and builds problem-solving relationships between the academic and policymaker communities. The Institute:

  • promotes and conducts research on issues of public policy.
  • provides survey research services.
  • produces public policy education and training programs.
  • initiates discussion of society's most pressing needs among diverse audiences.

Michigan Political Leadership Program

This scholarship-funded certificate program is designed for those seeking greater involvement in public policy. Successful applicants participate in a curriculum that provides a solid foundation in practical politics, public policy analysis and process, personal leadership development, and effective governance. Support is provided by the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation, Michigan State University, along with Michigan associations, corporations, labor organizations, MPLP alumni and individuals.

Legislative Leadership Program

LLP kicks off every two years shortly after state elections with a quick-step session for newly elected state legislators on public policy issues. It links the newly elected leaders with policy makers, policy advocates and policy experts from campus and community.

Office for Survey Research

IPPSR's Office for Survey Research extends survey and data services for public, nonprofit, and private sector organizations, including the university community. More than 40,000 telephone interviews and self-administered mail questionnaires are conducted annually.

State of the State Survey

A statewide survey of 1,000 Michigan adults, SOSS provides current information about citizen opinions on critical issues such as education, the environment, health care, crime, victimization and family violence, giving and philanthropy, governmental institutions, and specific community concerns. Conducted quarterly, SOSS is designed to provide non-partisan information to policy leaders, lobbyists and advocacy groups.

Public Policy Forums

Showcasing MSU faculty research, IPPSR sponsors the Public Policy Forums Series during the spring of each year. Panelists present new research findings to audiences of policymakers, legislators, legislative aides, staff and association advocates. Topics are timely, thought-provoking and compelling.

Michigan Applied Public Policy Research Grants

IPPSR’s MAPPR grants combine theory and practice in applied public policy research. IPPSR offers grants up to $15,000 for successful applicants describing research that links the practical with policy.