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About IPPSR’s LLP Legislative Staff Training Program

IPPSR is delighted to be able to expand its educational offerings through Legislative Staff Training, specialized workshops for staff members who work in the Michigan Legislature.

Legislators are invited to send staff members who are newly hired, newly moving into policy-oriented positions, those whose interests are set on future policy posts or those who wish to expand their policy knowledge.

IPPSR is delighted to have been able to offer sessions through 2022. The sessions attracted dozens of legislative staffers to panel discussions, award-winning speakers and rotating roundtables on the latest topics. 

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In line with its educational mission, IPPSR is happy to share resources from these information-packed sessions. Resources can be found here.

Positive feedback indicates that the program is extremely beneficial and helpful to legislative staff.

IPPSR is the longtime home of the Michigan Political Leadership Program and the Legislative Leadership Program, not to mention our well-received Public Policy Forums, State of the State Survey and Daniel Rosenthal Intern Program. The Staff Legislative Leadership program builds on those and combines the best of MPLP and LLP into training for legislative staff members. It is undertaken as a partnership between IPPSR, MSU Extension and MSU’s Office for Governmental Affairs.

IPPSR thanks all state and private industry leaders as well as those staff members and leaders who contributed time and energy to this program. It received high marks in every category and future plans will reflect evaluations and the needs expressed within them.

This program, as does IPPSR’s affiliated Legislative Leadership Program, has the support of the legislative leadership and MSU's leadership.