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In Other Words (Week of November 5)

To the Right:

Even from the beginning of Michigan’s current reapportionment process, there was chaos, notes.

A lineup of Michigan’s win’s and losses in Election 2016 with analysis about top races from

Michigan Capitol outlines the new state Legislature broken down by party and notes some key details, after the November election.

 To the Left

Politics looks at previous elections; Macomb County has a history of close calls between novice politicians and experienced officeholders.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s actions regarding environmental safety and public health are questioned.

 Down the Middle

The Detroit Free Press brings clarity to voters’ concerns about machine malfunctions, ID laws, and challengers at the polls in November.

With Michigan’s increase in measles cases this year, health officials are pushing for more vaccinations.

President Trump’s approval rating is rising among the African-American community, writes a co-chair for President Trump's 2016 Michigan campaign.