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Who will provide expert survey consultation, instrument development, data collection, and analysis?


What we can do for you

Our Expertise


Our experienced professional project management team has conducted hundreds of projects and overseen the completion of many thousands of interviews. As a university-based survey research unit, our staff remains current on best practices and emerging research issues, as well as advances in sampling and data collection methodologies. Our interviewers are trained to implement your research plans and strictly follow your study protocol.

Sensitive Topics and Multiple Languages

OSR has collected data in multiple languages by telephone, mail and web. These include: Arabic, Spanish, German, Polish, Chinese, and Japanese. We have the capacity to conduct interviews in other languages as well.

The Office for Survey Research (OSR) has conducted many projects addressing sensitive topics, including general health, mental health, cancer and other illnesses, as well as community safety and residents’ interaction with police. All interviewers calling these studies learn how to administer these sensitive questions so respondents are comfortable answering items that are for many respondents difficult to answer.

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