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Independent Streams (Week of January 15)

Abbey Frazier — January 19, 2018


In Other Words (Week of January 8)

Abbey Frazier — January 12, 2018

On the Left

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IPPSR's State of the State Podcast: Education Spending and Minority Rights

State of the State is IPPSR's policy-based podcast. Recorded regularly, it is available here, on IPPSR's SoundCloud channel and over the MSUToday podcast, Spartan Podcast, and other venues.


Independent Streams (Week of January 1)

Abbey Frazier — January 05, 2018


Marijuana Legalization in Michigan Would Mean More Revenue — But That's Not All

Joel Dayton — January 04, 2018

Come November 2018, Michigan voters could be deciding on whether Michigan should become the ninth state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Legalizing recreational marijuana has been a highly debated issue among Michigan voters, advocacy groups, and legislators....

School Desks

Special Education Funding in Michigan: A Fiscal and Educational Time Bomb?

Sarah Reckhow and Craig Thiel — December 20, 2017

The problems with Michigan’s current special education funding model are numerous and many of them will not self-correct.

In Other Words (Week of December 11)

Abbey Frazier — December 16, 2017

On the Left

The Messy, Overlapping Systems Governing The Great Lakes

Hannah MacDonald — December 15, 2017

The governance and legal system surrounding the Great Lakes is overwhelming even to attorneys and policy makers. It incorporates two countries, eight states, two provinces, Indian tribes and First Nations, American and Canadian international agencies along with many local governments. The Great...

The Great Lakes' Environmental Issues Get the Book Treatment

Hannah MacDonald — December 12, 2017

Michigan coined the nickname "The Great Lakes State" not only for being surrounded by four out of the five Great Lakes but also for the ecological, economic and cultural benefits that the lakes provide. Most Michiganders have stories of spending summers splashing along miles of shoreline,...

Independent Streams (Week of December 4)

Abbey Frazier — December 08, 2017


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