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Does Perception of Gas Tax Paid Influence Support for Funding Highway Improvements

August 2016

Ronald C. Fisher, Robert W. Wassmer


The article asserts the claim that the amount of fuel taxes paid by an individual, influences his or her support for funding highway improvements The magnitude of state fuel taxes affects their views for supporting the funding of roads and infrastructure. The article makes the argument that there will most likely be more support for roads if accompanied by a campaign identifying the existing rate of the state’s gasoline excise tax. This article compares the excise tax of Michigan and California to analyze the different issues of perception concerning the public finance of roads

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Policy Implications

The policy implications include the influence of the perspective of public support for road funding. Policies relating to general gas tax increase may have an effect on the perspective of supporting road funding. Although there are good intentions with this policy, individuals may not respond to some types of tax incentives because they do not understand the incentives. Studies show that increasing the gas tax differentiates the call for public road funding

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