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Resettling Refugees, Michigan's Budget and the Next Election

Michigan is a welcoming state where the state's refugee resettlement leaders work with local government and nonprofit agencies to integrate newly arriving families and individuals, and this month's State of the State Podcast welcomes guest Ben Cabanaw, Michigan state refugee coordinator working in the state's Office of Global Michigan in the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO). He's helping to coordinate the state's resettlement of refugees from around the world, most recently from Afghanistan and Ukraine.

He joins MSU's Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR) podcast with Associate IPPSR Director and Host Arnold Weinfeld, IPPSR Director Dr. Matt Grossmann and MSU Economist Charles Ballard.

This month's conversation ranges from resettling Ukrainian refugees as recently announced by President Joe Biden, lingering economic effects of Russia's attach on Ukraine, tax cuts now before the Michigan Legislature and whether legal questions about Michigan's recently drawn voting districts will affect candidates and 2022 elections.

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